About us

GeoStar Brand

GeoStar, trademark of RASO - Viagens e Turismo, SA, is a company 100% owned by Springwater Capital.

With approximately 145 million euros of gross sales, GeoStar incorporates a network of 33 stores, an internet operation (www.geostar-travel.com), two Business Travel Centers, in Lisbon and Oporto, and an office in Madrid.

Supported on highly evolved technological tools and innovative services - together with its Sporski operators, Takeoff, Megaviagens and Peixe Voador - GeoStar presents an integrated value proposal to its customers, based on the highest service levels and the best market conditions.

In the B2B segment, GeoStar has maintained its commitment to achieve productivity improvements and service levels in the domestic operation, and to strength its corporate activity in Spain, leveraged by the Radius representation. The company has been able to also boost the proximity corporate business in Portugal, through the presence of high street stores in their local markets.

In the B2C area, it has been possible to continue to motivate teams around the growth ambition evident in the strategic guidelines of the company. In this sense, the Leisure Operations business has risen above its goals, with particular emphasis on the Web Channels and Shopping Stores.

GeoStar on the Internet

The GeoStar website, in constant innovation, allows the customer easy access to everything they are looking for. Accessible in any format, the GeoStar website is adaptable to the device where it is being consulted, being it a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Find everything you need for your holiday in one place, with the best travel solutions through an extensive offer with competitive prices, available in a simple and intuitive way.

GeoStar has an international presence in more than 10 countries:
Portugal | Spain | Angola | United Kingdom | South Africa | Chile | Mexico | Colombia | Peru | Ecuador | Global