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Due to the way in which Internet communication standards operate, accessing of websites may involve the use of cookies. It should, in any event, be noted that RASO is responsible for Cookies and for the processing of the data obtained via its own and third party cookies and for the decisions made regarding the purpose, content and processing of the information collected.


What is a Cookie?

Cookies are files that contain small amounts of information that are downloaded to the user's device when the user visits a web page. The main objective is to recognize the user whenever he/she accesses the site, which also makes it possible to improve quality and to offer improved use of the site.

Cookies are essential to the functioning of the Internet; they do not damage the user's equipment/ device, and, if they are activated in the configuration of the user's browser, help to identify and resolve errors in the operation of the site.


Use of Cookies by RASO

When a user accesses the website, he/she expressly agrees to the use of this type of Cookies on his/her devices. If the user disables Cookies, his/her navigation on the site cannot be optimized and some of the utilities available on the site may not work properly.

Specifically, TopAtlântico uses Cookies for the purposes set out below. If RASO uses other Cookies, in the future, to provide more and better services, users will be duly informed.



Session cookies

The cookie use warning tool installed on the site may use a session cookie in order to remember the user's preferences with regard to the information supplied via this mechanism, in order to comply with the duty to inform with regard to the use of cookies.

Cookies save a single random identifier, which identifies an individual session. Cookies are only active during your visit and are deleted after the browser has closed.


Functionality cookies

When you load and access the site, data may be stored in order to speed up, ease and simplify facilitate your navigation.

These cookies therefore save your preferences in order to improve your experience in future visits.


Performance cookies

Anonymous data may be saved during use of the website in order to analyse and improve the service provided to the user. These cookies are placed by third parties on behalf of RASO.


User settings to block cookies

In accordance with the legislation in force, we provide the information that enables you to configure your browser to manage and maintain your privacy and security in relation to Cookies. We therefore provide information and links to the official support sites of the main browsers so that users can decide whether or not to accept the use of cookies.

Users may therefore use their browser settings tools to block cookies, or can set up their browser so that they receive a message whenever a server wants to save a cookie:

It must be understood that the user accepts the use of cookies if he/she continues to navigate on this site without first disabling cookies.

Cookie definitions can be altered in your browser preferences. Select the browser you are using in order to obtain more information:

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