Quality policy

Quality policy and goals

RASO - Viagens e Turismo, SA aims to provide travel services with the highest levels and quality standards. For this reason it has implemented a Quality Management System according to NP EN ISO 9001: 2008. In this context, it is necessary to establish and maintain a quality program planned and developed with the participation of all employees in order to develop the activities based on the following principles: 

- Ensure quality and the services it provides;
- Get customer satisfaction, trust and preference;
- Improve staff knowledge level and performance;
- Favouring relations with customers and suppliers who allow mutual development;
- Quality Management System continuously improve.

Considering quality is a task of everyone, RASO - Viagens e Turismo, SA fulfils its Quality Policy implementation through Annual Goals, established and carried out jointly by the heads of all areas of the company.

Given the current challenges and the conviction that it is possible to improve the organization performance, RASO - Viagens e Turismo, SA management believes that the company's success depends on the committed collaboration of all employees, ensuring improvements that distinguish RASO - Viagens e Turismo, SA from its competitors.

Vision, Mission, Values and Commitment

Vision: To be the reference brand in travel consultancy in all relevant business areas in the sector.

Mission: To provide integrated add value solutions, focusing on the quality of human resources, technology, innovation and a wide distribution network.

Humanity: Focus on customer relationship
Quality: Product and service offer
Credibility: From services and people
Innovation: Add value solutions
Ambition: Market Leadership
Value for Money: quality at competitive prices
Commitment: RASO, Viagens e Turismo, SA management is committed to achieve the Quality Management System requirements, which are part of the customer requirements, regulatory and legal requirements imposed by the policies, goals and targets set out in this system. The commitment also includes the commitment to enhance continuous improvement, through the revision and adaptation of the quality goals.