Terms and Conditions to Use our Website

1. Property
1.1 geostar.pt website, including logos, trademarks, copyrights, and services contained therein, is the property of RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A., a company with registered office at Av. D. João II 1.16.1, 9º piso, Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, registered in the Companies Registry of Lisbon, with a registration and tax single number 500 886 113, with the share capital in the amount of forty-two million, six hundred and seven thousand, seven hundred and sixty-eight euros, with Registration No. 1819 at the Portuguese Register of Travel and Tourism Agencies (RNAVT)

1.2 RASO economic activity code is 79110 – Travel agency activity.

1.3.  These Conditions to Use the Website aim to establish the terms and conditions by which ACCESS to information and contents made available in the website geostar.pt will be regulated as well as how reservations and payments to end clients hereinafter referred to as USERS are made.

1.4 RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A reserves the right to insert, change and remove, without prior notice and at their discretion, any information contained in these Conditions of Use. The user is responsible for revising the content of the Conditions of Use whenever he consults or makes a reservation of any trip in the Website geostar.pt. The use of the Website geostar.pt, after any amendments introduced by RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A, shall be considered as a tacit acceptance of the same.

2. Access to the Webpage
2.1 RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A and the users of the Webpage www.geostar.pt agree that ACCESS, viewing, use or purchase from it, are governed by these Conditions of Use.

2.2 The use of this portal requires and presupposes that USERS adhere and expressly accept, fully and without reserves, all and every Condition of Use of the Webpage in the version published and in force at the time USERS access this portal, specially those referring to limitation of liability, as well as those of any supplier of travel or tourism services. USERS must therefore read carefully these Conditions of Use before USING the portal and expressly declare that they have read them and understood them, since they may have changed since the last time it was accessed.

2.3 Access and use of this portal is reserved to users aged over 18 and to people legally capable of using it.

2.4 RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A reserves the right to deny access to the Webpage without prior notice, and only users aged over 18 and people capable of using it are eligible.

2.5 Without prejudice of the above, the parties undertake to enforce all applicable legislation and standards that apply to the Webpage and to the reservations made through it.

3. Property Rights and other Intellectual Property Rights.

3.1 The Website geostar.pt is for personal and not for business use, being limited to the purposes foreseen in clauses 1.3, 2.1 and 5.5 of these Conditions of Use. Reproduction, transmission, exhibition, publication, distribution, availability to the public, creation of derived works, amendment, adaptation, translation, transfer or sale of any information, products or services obtained through this Website, as well as any other operation methods, in full or in part, relating to content and materials of the Website geostar.pt, namely, text, images, software, audio or video clips, must comply with the intellectual property rights of RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A., are protected by the Portuguese and international copyright law and are fully forbidden without prior authorization of RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A. in writing.

3.2. Use, collection or storage of contents, materials, functions and information made available at geostar.pt, can only be carried out as foreseen and supplied in the same. Partial removal of text and/or images and reproduction in another context, and the full or partial reproduction of the Website geostar.pt  in another Website are forbidden without prior authorization of RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A. in writing.

3.3 The invoicing system of RASO Viagens e Turismo is certified under no. 2268 / AT.

3.4 USERS acknowledge and expressly accept that contents, elements and rights of intellectual property (including without limitation copyrights and alike right, patents, brand of products or services and industrial secrets) relating to the Webpage of RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A that USERS receive or to which they access, are the exclusive property of Raso – Viagens e Turismo, S.A. or the property of its suppliers.


4. Contents

4.1 The contents of the page www.geostar.pt in World Wide Web are protected by intellectual property rights including copyrights and alike rights, Copyright © pertaining to Raso – Viagens e Turismo, S.A.. All rights not expressly granted to USERS are reserved rights.

4.2 Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of some or all the contents, in  whichever form, without prior written consent, are forbidden, except if made in accordance with the provisions contained in the following subsections:

(I) RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A allows the USER to view its pages in his computer or to print copies of extracts of those pages exclusively for his personal use and not for redistribution, except if RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A ALLOWS it in writing.

(II) RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A allows the USER to access and use some documents contained in its World Wide Web pages only when subject to the additional terms set out in those documents and provided that the USER expressly accepts those additional terms.

4.3 USERS acknowledge and accept:

- That, except as otherwise agreed, they do not acquire any additional right on the content.

- That the content, directly or indirectly received or to which they have ACCESS, is exclusive property of RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A or of its suppliers, who will continue to be the only proprietaries.


5. Amendments to geostar.pt webpage

5.1 RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A may introduce improvements or amendments to information, elements, data, services and other elements of this webpage or to cancel it at any time with no need to prior notice.

5.2 RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A may also amend these Website Conditions of Use, at any time, and this amendment shall be valid provided that introduced in the Webpage.

5.3 Consequently, access and later use of the Webpage presupposes prior approval by USERS of the new Conditions of use.

5.4 RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A is entitled to suspend access to the object of this program, due to maintenance, network security or force-majeure reasons (“acts of god”) without prior notice.

5.5 This Webpage is for exclusive public access so that users may PERFORM their reservations. We do not accept reservations through travel agencies or other people acting as intermediaries of individuals or companies.


6. Liability

6.1. Without prejudice of products and services general sales conditions made available in this website foreseen in General Conditions - Condições Gerais -, as provided that permitted by law, RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A does not give guarantees of any type, whether express or implied, including, among others, property guarantees, no infringement, implicit guarantees to trade or to adapt to any specific purpose, regarding the availability, accuracy, reliability or content of these pages.

6.2. Insofar as permitted by law, RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A cannot, under no circumstance, be held responsible for any losses, including loss of profits and emerging damages, directly or indirectly related to the use, or impossibility to use, the contents, materials, functions and information made available in the Website geostar.pt, even if RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A has been informed of the possibility of those damages occurring.

6.3. Insofar as permitted by law, the limitation of liability referred to in the previous paragraph includes all damages caused to computers of USERS, arising from direct or indirect, incidental or consequential use of the Website geostar.pt, and also possible damages caused by the dissemination of virus, trojans and worms, whatever there origin and method of transmission.

6.4. All contents, materials, functions and information made available in the Website geostar.pt, or through the same, are supplied as shown and are disclosed without any guarantee provided by RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A..

6.5. The geostar.pt website may contain information, addresses or materials from other websites which do not belong to RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A, for which the authors of those Websites shall be the only responsible parties. RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A is not held accountable for information, addresses or materials contained in those Websites.

6.6. The geostar.pt website may contain links to third parties websites. Those links are merely informative and RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A does not undertake any responsibility for the accuracy, integrity or legality of the content of those Websites, or for any possible information, opinions offers of products and services contained therein.  RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A declares that they have no control over risk of confidentiality, security and others, in third parties Websites.

6.7 The USER is responsible, in any case, for the veracity of the data provided. RASO reserves the right to EXCLUDE from the registered services any USER who has provided false date, notwithstanding any other measures or actions that may be sent to courts.

6.8 The USER, when he sends materials to any server of RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A by email or through the pages of RASO - Viagens e Turismo S.A in its Website, agrees as follows:

 (i) materials should not contain any illegal or inadequate element for publication;

(ii) shall search and eliminate any virus or other destructive aspects before SENDING any material;

(iii) is the proprietary of the material he sends or has an unlimited right to supply it;

(iv) RASO Viagens e Turismo S.A is entitled to publish those materials without charges and/or to include the same or any of the concepts described therein in its products.


7. Applicable law

All disputes arising out of or in connection with the interpretation or execution of these Conditions of Use shall be governed by the Portuguese legislation.